preceptorshipPreceptors are chosen for their knowledge, skills and values as professional and established cosmetic dermatology and/or aesthetic medicine experts. Preceptors are asked to develop another area of expertise, namely, to become a clinical teacher , e-teacher or preceptor as e-preceptor.

Objectives of the SACDAM Preceptorship Program

  • To provide SACDAM members with the opportunity to serve as SACDAM preceptors and raise the level of cosmetic dermatology , dermatosurgery, as aesthetic medicine through mentoring.
  • To enhance and complement the previous trainings received by the participant or perceptee  , and to better prepare them for SACDAM Practical Aptitude  and the practice of cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine.
  • To provide an opportunity for preceptees to expand ,update and deepen their skills and knowledge in a particular technique or procedure, bestens with 1 to 1 Courses.
  • To provide preceptees with deeper insight into the various stages of consultation, planning, preparation, procedure and patient or client after care.

Main Locations

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