philosophyHow SACDAM Promotes Safety

Physicians qualifications.

SACDAM promotes global safety in aesthetic medicine by ensuring that members are highly qualified. Patients can be confident that SACDAM members have a record of being safe and ethical, and have been in active practice for at least 3 years.

Physician training.

To promote aesthetic medicine & cosmetic dermatology education worldwide, the SACDAM Education Officers offers congresses,workshops  and instructional courses to members. The SACDAM Professors Program takes aesthetic education to countries around the world making training in the latest techniques and advances more accessible to a greater population of physicians.

Physician Information.

SACDAM educates medical doctors by providing a variety of resources on this website, including informations about events,trainings,a medical travel guide, members websites, blogs and newsletters.

Consumer protection.

The SACDAM Executive Committee is dedicated to protect the public from false claims,unlicensed practitioners,unfair retailers of medical equipment,the use of unapproved procedures or copy of products and outdated equipment and materials.SACDAM regularly monitors public information regarding cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine and maintains guidelines  covering important consumer concerns such as advertising,commercial events,corruption of burocrats,abuse of authorities,public relations and medias.

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