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  • ¨The confused public is beginning to lose confidence and trust in the medical profession
  • ¨Some practitioners are offering non evidence-based aesthetic treatments and merge their treatments with those offered by beauticians and participate with media to promote their treatments, thereby trivializing and commercializing medical services.
  • ¨ Commercialized services tend to falsely promote such procedures as having low/no risk, omitting side effects, exaggerating benefits, exaggerating the indications rather than the limitations of the treatments, overstating good results and hiding complications and poor responses, and tending to make unsubstantiated claims of superiority
    ¨Many congresses are submerged by those commercial companies, using so called ,,experts,, ( highly paid for that) to expose their products and unuseful technologies , empeaching true scientific inventors to present their useful inventions , which will be in such case hidden or destroyed by trained commercial ,, experts,,
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